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Ford Digital Academy

I was tasked with designing the hub site for Ford's Digital Academy, a place where they could live stream their inspirational talks and host the videos and content generated by previous events. I also designed and animated a number of stings to bookend the videos of the talks.

The client loved the work, and particularly the icons I designed. So much so that they got them printed as stickers to hand out at events.

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Fat Ninja

Fat Ninja initially started out as a challenge I set myself. A challenge to design & build an app in a month. Then I got a bit carried away with animation, gameplay tweaks and power ups.

It's been a labour of love and an incredible learning experience, and it's now available for free on the App Store.

Download it here

Play your part site
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Play Your Part
Ford Campaign

This is some early design work I did for Ford when they sponsored the Common Wealth Games. The site was a responsive social media flow of mentions of the hashtag #playYourPart. The idea was to aggregate all the content from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Crop Buster

Crop Buster is an application I designed and built to help The Bluehive with image crops for the Ford website. I noticed that a lot of time was being spent producing them individually in Photoshop and thought it would be best to come up with an elegant solution to automate a lot of the process.

Rapid Router Game
Rapid Router Characters
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Ocado Rapid Router

Rapid Router is a web application built by Ocado (yes, the online supermarket) to teach children how to code. Ocado approached me to design and illustrate the assets for the game and also to animate one of their vans exploding. For that last point alone I would say they are one of my best clients!

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Direct Line Animation

This was a short animation that I worked on for a pitch with my friend Charlotte. It was a very fast turn-around for a pitch, but we managed to get it done in record time and we were pretty happy with the result. I did the design whilst Charlotte handled the animation.

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Whack-a-Witch was an HTML5 game that we built at WCRS to send to our clients. It was my job to come up with the art direction, design and illustration, and I had very little time. I also had to design a halloween version of the WCRS logo as part of the project. It was great fun though and I managed to get everything done on time somehow.

You can play the game here.

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Radox Samba Beats

This was a Facebook game that we built for Radox to promote their new Brazillian themed shower gel. It was very well received and there was a lot of competition from players trying to beat the top score.

I was responsible for the design, animation and illustration of the game, although I also helped with a little of the game development and song structure.

You can play the game here.

Andrex Homepage
Andrex Products
Andrex About
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Andrex Website

Redesigning the Andrex website was one of the first tasks I was given after I started at WCRS. I had to introduce a new look and feel while maintaining a degree of consistency with other Andrex websites. The feedback I received was very positive.

Santander Calc
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Santander 123 Mini

This was a fun project for Santander. I was tasked with designing and illustrating an online calculator tool to indicate to children how much money they could save if they put a regular amount in a savings account over a period of time. I decided upon a colourful paper cut-out style, which the children seemed to love.

Nubbin Disconnect
Nubbin Intro
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Desktop Nubbin

Nubbin started out as a quick experiment when I had a bit of down time at work. He was built using the AIR publishing platform for Flash and started life as a simple desktop toy. He was then modified to act as TheTin's RSS reader to publicise our Tinnovation sessions and was swiftly adopted as Tinnovation's official mascot.

Being built in Flash meant he was easily modified and was adapted to allow the user to 'feed' him images to upload to a public Flickr feed.

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Work People
Care About

These are a series of idents that a colleague and I created for internal use at WCRS. We masked out the logo on a plastic sheet and used a hydrophobic spray to treat the areas around the logo. We then set up a camera rig so we could shoot ourselves filling in the logo with coloured ink.

Engine Annual Illustration
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What can I say about myself? Well, I like creating things for starters. For myself or for clients such as Santander, Ford, Sky, BMW, Artemis and Ocado to name a few. I get stuck into all types of creation - from simply doodling, to making my own games. I love animating, mucking about with video, attempting to write songs, playing the drums - it's all gravy. I love gravy too. Oh and snowboarding, man that's a good way to spend your time. With whiskey. Laphroaig preferably.

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